Ein Trollsches Märchen based on Peer Gynt
Premiere: 1997
Hospital based on Hamlet
Premiere: 1998
Burning Moo and Cock a Doodle Doo
Premiere: 1999
Dead Fish Walking
Premiere: 2000
Zahn des Schicksals kind of based on Maß für Maß
Premiere: 2001
The VEmpire Strikes Back
Premiere: 2002

Productions of Zaba

Zaba knows how to entertain their audience ... the spectators love them ...their fan community seems to be growing continuously.

Zaba should never change it's name again - it would be a shame for the good reputation .
Märkische Allgemeine

A Bloody Joy ... bland wild Dance ... An inventive and witty play.
PNN (about Zahn des Schicksals)

The characters are brilliantly represented ...the atmosphere is impressively and compassiontely accompanied by the great band Zabowski... the audience in the sold-out hall of the fabrik was infenitely enthusiastic. A fresh and vitalizing play of the company Zaba.
MAZ (about Zahn des Schicksals)