Zahn des Schicksals
hardly based on Measure for Measure

600x600 64k


It is not nice to wake up after a drunken night with a hangover. It is not much nicer to wake up after someoneelses drunken night and find yourself killed. It is more than deranging to wake up after a drunken night as a vampire in the circle of Vincentos servants. By the way... being sentenced to death is not nice either. No end of all that mystery: after countless border-crossings there are more vampires involved than humans - that in the first place wakes the displeasure of earl Vincento - the style-loving landlord. He digs out old laws and combines them with a new governor he thinks is able to enforce the rule of bloodlessness against the vampires while he backtracks. But the new rules do grip short - canned food is and stays tasteless. You can't teach an old dog new tricks- the vampire never quits longing for blood.